About us

Thunderhead Repair is owned by Kevin and Maria Pulver of Liberty, Mississippi. They recently moved to Mississippi from Central Nebraska to be part of a church with friends they’d known a long time. They had lived in Nebraska where he was a contractor for 20  years.  Kevin and Maria have 7 children.

Working as a handyman in Nebraska where he grew up, Kevin did everything from plumbing, air conditioning, car mechanics, welding, bathroom remodels including carpentry, sheetrock and paint; horse hoof trimming, farm equipment repair, roofing, etc…  Kevin was one of the most experienced and professional In-Floor Radiant Heating contractors in central Nebraska, doing jobs for banks, schools, Honda dealerships, and high end show homes.

Why the name-  Thunderhead Repair?   In our opinion, there isn’t anything more majestic in God’s Creation than these massive, beautiful, glorious clouds.  We love watching them build in the day, and light up the night!  We wanted a name we loved.